The #1 Vitamin Infused Frozen Hydration Popsicles

Athletes & Active Individuals
Energice provides vitamin-infused, frozen hydration popsicles that give an athletic and medical recovery a whole new meaning!

Instant Hydration

The future is HERE and the future is FRØZEN. Our top-secret formulation of frozen hydration popsicles allows for INSTANT Hydration. You No Longer Have To Wait The 20 Minutes Like All Other Product. 


  • EnergIce is caffeine, stimulant and gluten free.
  • ​EnergIce’s isotonic blend instantly hydrates the body, speeding recovery.
  • ​Recovery: packed with sodium and potassium.
  • ​Energy derives from highly concentrated B vitamins (B3, B5, B6, B12)
  • ​EnergIce’s 2 oz. pop = 13 oz. of fluid replacement; it’s not filling.
  • ​EnergIce’s frozen hydration comes from electrolytes.
  • ​EnergIce cools core body temperature.
  • ​Reduces exhaustion, heat exhaustion and risk of stroke.  Prevents dehydration performance drops.
  • ​ ​EnergIce provides electrolytes needed when the body is most deprived. 
  • EnergIce produces a positive feeling of energy.
  • ​EnergIce bar is only 30 calories.
  • ​EnergIce is certified for sport by NSF.

What is in Energice?

Energice All-Pro 96 
Pack Frozen Hydration Pops
24- Fruit Punch
24 – Blue Raspberry
24- Lemon Lime
24- Pink Lemonade

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Energice All-Pro 96 
Pack Frozen Hydration Pops

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